RF Corval

  • Location 66 St George’s Terrace, Perth
  • Timeframe 6 weeks
  • Completed October 2020
  • Category basebuild
  • Contract Value $412,000

CDI was engaged to return the 1000sqm floor back to base build as a “make good” at 66 St George’s Terrace, Perth.
There were a number of latent conditions on site that we had to overcome given the tight budget and quick turnaround time. However as a team we proposed a number of solutions that were happily endorsed by the client. Further, the new ceiling tiles were on a long lead time which was raised at project commencement. Unfortunately, beyond our control this did not meet the intended PC, however the client was kept well-informed and we were eligible for an extension of time, to remobilise and install the ceiling tiles upon arrival.
Feature stone cladding to lift surrounds were a feature piece of this make-good.